2016 Competition Winners

Undergraduate Poster Competition:

First place: Morgan Marshall, Lake Forest College
Second place: Emily Helmke, Northeastern Illinois University
Third place: Ashley Iannantone, Loyola University Chicago

Graduate Poster Competition:

First place: Navid Nouri, Northwestern University
Second place: Xiao- Wen Yu, Northwestern University
Third place: Xiaoyo Hu, University of Illinois at Chicago

Postdoctoral Poster Competition:

First place: Haley Titus, Northwestern University
Second place: Tristan Hedrick, Northwestern University
third place: Jennifer Yuan-Shih Hu, Northwestern University


Graduate Student Symposium:

First place: Michael S. Marshall, University of Illinois at Chicago
Second place: David J. Marmion, Rush University
Third place: Thomas C. Harmon, Northwestern University