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Indiana University Northwest-Adjunct Instructors

Indiana University Northwest (45 minutes from downtown Chicago)

Department of Psychology seeks Adjunct Instructors
Spring semester, 2017, runs from January 9- May 6
Undergraduate Courses:  online or face-to-face instruction

PSY-P 101: Introductory Psychology 1  Methods, data, theory and research in areas of learning, memory, sensation and perception, brain and behavior, cognition, motivation, consciousness.
PSY-P 101: Introductory Psychology 2  Developmental, social, abnormal, therapy, intelligence, personality, stress and health, behavior genetics and individual differences.
PSY-P 407:  Drugs and the Nervous System Introduction to the major psychoactive drugs and how they act upon the brain to influence behavior. Discussion of the role of drugs as therapeutic agents for various clinical disorders and as probes to provide insight into brain function.
PSY-P 417:  Animal Behavior  Methods, findings, and interpretations of recent investigation of animal behavior.
PSY-P 326:  Behavioral Neuroscience An examination of the cellular basis of behavior, emphasizing contemporary views and approaches to the study of the nervous system. Neural structure, function, and organization are considered in relation to sensory and motor function, motivation, learning, and other basic behaviors.
PSY-P 327:  Psychology of Motivation  How needs, desires, and incentives influence behavior; research on motivational processes in human and animal behavior, including ways in which motives change and develop.


Psy. D., Ph. D. or ABD required.  Compensation is $3000 for instructors with doctoral degrees, $2500 for ABD.  For questions, or to submit a CV for consideration, please contact me at the address below.

Mary Ann Fischer
Associate Prof. and Chair
Department of Psychology
IU Northwest
3400 Broadway
Gary, IN 46408
219 980-6684

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