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Postdoctoral Research Associate – UIC Anatomy and Cell Biology

Description: Alzheimer disease research effort focused on developing apoE as a therapeutic target and biomarker using primary cultures and preclinical transgenic mouse model. Excellent opportunity for a motivated candidate to work on newly funded identification/validation of mechanistic plasma biomarkers and drug-discovery efforts.


Only candidates with these qualifications will be considered.

1. Knowledgeable about neurodegenerative diseases

2. Education/experience should be specific to:

   a. Experimental design for preclinical drug screening in transgenic mice, including behavioral tests

   b. Cell culture model for initial compound screen with mechanistic PDs.

   c. Immunoassay technology (e.g., Luminex, FRET, Alpha-Screen and/or other assays) to test large numbers of plasma samples for multiple biomarkers.

   d. Expertise with standard biochemical techniques including ELISA development, Native and Western gel analysis

3. Experience with manuscript preparation/submission and familiarity with grant writing and submission process.


Exceptional candidates will be innovative, dedicated and team-oriented. PhD; Preferably recent graduates (salaries based on NIH scale for years post-doctorate).

To be considered, applications must be received by Monday, February 15, 2016. Please send Curriculum Vitae directly to, with a brief description of research

interests, particularly as they relate to the overall goal of our lab (



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